Ktima Diamantakos

Ktima Diamantakos: Α family, small scale winery

Diamantakos Estate is a small family-owned winery located in the Naoussa PDO zone, in Imathia perfecture. With responsibility to the Naoussa’s rich viticulture heritage and the aim of promoting the region, we cultivate in our privately owned vineyards of 32 hectares only the two indigenous varieties: the red one named Xinomavro and the white one Preknadi. In 2000 Evanggelos Diamantakos ,the second generation winemaker, bottled the first wine . In Diamantakos Estate, with just 20,000 bottles annual production and focusing on the human factor and to preserving biodiversity, we seek to reveal and to share through great wines, that capture the unique terroir of Naoussa.

A walnut tree fell in the old vineyard of Diamantakos Estate and the Aristotle's Historical School in Naousa where Alexander the Great studied, was discovered. With the compensation money the 3,2ha of vineyards that now surround the family winery, were bought.

George Diamantakos: Αn artisan winemaker 

George Diamantakos, who belongs to the third generation of the family's viticulturists, grew up in the land surrounding the vineyards and a winery, having been taught from his father and his grand father to respect and love wine. After completing his studies in oenology he returned to Naoussa and took over his family's winery, leading it to the new era of branded bottled wine. Passionate with his region and his profession, George works constantly to express Naoussa’s terroir, respecting the environment and traditional practices. George is a representative of the new generation of Naoussa winemakers, who has given another impetus and perspective to region’s wines.

George is always on the move! Winemaking is a life-long journey! He is committed to listening to his vineyard and to learning from his grapes, producing the best wines he can every year.

The vineyard: A privileged vineyard

Diamantako’s undivided family owned vineyard of 3,2 ha is located in the heart of the PDO Naoussa area, in the sub-region of ​​Mandemi at an altitude of 300 meters. Most of the vineyard and what is planted in Xinomavro has an average age of 40 years while the part of  Prekniariko was planted in 2006. The average yield of the vineyard is 800 kg per hectare and the planting dencity is 4000 plants per hectare. The vines are shaped in Double Guyot trellis system.The soil of the vineyard is characterized as calcareous and gravely with medium mechanical texture, soft stony texture and slightly alkaline pH. It is full of a dark brown and soft stone that breaks easily and contains high levels of potassium. This stone which is called ‘mantemi’ and gives the name to the area, forces the roots to dig deeper for water and food, gathering trace elements.

The vineyard has eastern orientation and is protected by the northern cold winds coming from the Vermio mountain.

In the winery: Innovation meets terroir 

Diamantakos winery is located in Mantemi region, 2 kilometres away from the town of Naousa. It is a small, boutique winery, with modern equipment, situated in the middle of the privately owned vineyard. The passionate focus on quality and the uncompromising  attention to detail in all aspects of the wine making process, is our philosophy. The winery is fully manned with state-of-the-art equipment for grapes processing and winemaking. It has stainless steel tanks, temperature control system, and an underground cellar in which the wines mature under controlled temperatures and humidity levels. Furthermore, the winery also has an oenological laboratory with all the necessary equipment to carry out rigorous checks and quality analyzes at all stages of the production process. The winery is constantly evolving and there is also a distillery for the use of secondary products.


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