Boutari - Naoussa Winery

The Boutari Wineries are an important step in the development of the company of that name which was founded in Naoussa in 1879. 

Apart from the production of quality wines of stated origin (V.Q.P.R.D.: Appellation of Origin of High Quality, Local Wines), the Boutari Wineries aim at developing the vineyards with which Greece is endowed; to strengthen the ties between the production of a wine and its place of origin, the vineyard, the people involved in its cultivation as well as the individual gastronomy, values and customs of each wine-producing area. 

Every winery has its own individual character formed by the nature of the wines produced in the specific region and by the local-color of the area in which it is built.

In addition to their participation in local life - in the spheres of vini-viticulture, culture and socio-economic development - the wineries are also open to the public. 

Via guided tours, visitors have the opportunity to experience for themselves the special delights of wine: the art of wine-tasting, `vertical` wine-tasting and finally to enjoy the wines alongside those dishes and flavors which traditionally complement them in our specially-constructed reception halls. 

There is also the opportunity to purchase rare wines available in limited volumes, wines of both recent and less recent vintages and experimental wines from the wineries` private vineyards - all of which are only available from the wineries themselves.

Built as they are near archaeological sites and areas of great natural beauty, the Boutari Wineries present a wonderful opportunity to the visitor to transform an excursion into both an experience and a chance to sample gastronomic delights.


At the winery of the Boutari company in Stenimahos (by the provincial road of Naousa-Veroia) visitors are shown around the vineyards and the winery`s production installation and get familiar with the wine-making process. A special multimedia presentation is available on the history of wine and the way it is related to the region, followed by a tasting of the winery`s products, including older vintages. The winery is complete with a gift shop and a playground for children.

The historic town of Naoussa is situated approximately 80 km north-west of Thessaloniki in a region internationally celebrated since the last century for its production of a deep-red, dry wine.


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