Domaine Foundi

The Fountis family comes originally from the village of Strantza in Eastern Thrace, which is fled during the upheavals of the Second Balkan War. In 1914, along with other refugees from there, it arrived in Naoussa of western Macedonia and helped establish the settlement of New Strantza. George Fountis and his son Theodore took up viticulture and they planted the first of their own vineyards in 1930, with Xinomavro.

Theodore’s son, Nicolas, enlarged the family’s vineyard holdings during the 1970’s. During the 1980’s and following contacts with various members of the international wine community, he became committed to domaine-bottling. This led him to found Domaine Fountis in 1992 and to invite his nephew, Dimitris Ziannis (on completion of his oenology studies in France) to join the domaine as winemaker, in 1996.

Domaine Fountis’ small modern winery sits within the entrancing scenery of New Strantza and it is open to all oenophiles who wish to learn about the captivating world of Xinomavro.


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