Domaine Glinavos

The first step was taken in 1978, with the creation of a winery which was later named `Monastiri-zitsa`.
It was Lefteris Glinavos and his partners that started this effort.
Lefteris Glinavos` family was involved with trade and business at Ioannina but Lefteris Glinavos decided to take his own course.
He followed oenology and vine studies in France, at theUniversity of Bordeaux. He worked in many countries, includingGreece as an oenologist. His restless character, lead him to the political stage. He has been President of the Association of Greek oenologists and a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of oenologists for over ten years. He has also been honoured by his fellow countrymen and was elected in the Greek Parliament and later on, as a Mayor of Ioannina municipality.
His dream was always to do something for his native land. 

So, it was only natural for him as an oenologist, to turn his attention towards Zitsa, as he believed that its wine had all those necessary qualities in order to become known world wide.

With hard work and ardent desire he set up with the help of his wife, the unique in architectural conception winery `MONASTIRI -ZITSA`, after the name of the location `Monastiri` of Zitsa.

His son, Thomas, followed Lefteris Glinavos` steps and is now the current Managing Director of the Company.
Year after year, the wines of Glinavos family have become famous at the local market and abroad.

The most important labels are the following:
The white Appellation of Origin of High Quality Wines of “ Zitsa”:
• LITHINO (fume)
• The red wines VELOUDO and DRIADES
• The rose wine RODINOS
• The semi-sparkling KYRA FROSINIand
• The sparkling BYRON (brut and demi -sec)


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