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Over a hundred years ago, the Tsantali family began creating wines and distilling Tsipouro and Ouzo, in eastern Thraki. Evangelos Tsantalis, founder of the company, grew up with a deep respect for the beauty of the land and a strong commitment to quality. The spirit and tradition of a proud winemaking heritage have been passed down to the third generation of the Tsantali family who show the same dedication to the values that governed the founder.
The valuable heritage inspires and keeps the Tsantali mission alive and with love and care, the family continues to create exceptional wines and spirits and takes pride in maintaining the high quality without making any compromise. The goal has remained continual throughout the years: to provide the consumer with wines of high quality reflecting the terroir`s individual character by utilizing the best technological equipment, maintaining an optimal balance between the price and the quality offered. Tsantali being environmentally sensitive uses integrated farming methods and a visionary approach to winemaking to achieve this goal.
From the rectified selection of the most promising winegrowing areas in Greece, to the constant attention given to the most up to date wine drinking tastes, Tsantali makes wines that are ideal complements to modern gastronomic creations. Tsantali in its effort to explore new dimensions in global tastes, has resurfaced the Greek indigenous grape varieties which either on their own or artfully blended with `cosmopolitan` grape varieties produce wines of great identity and character.

These are the intimate roots of the one of the most evolved production philosophies, able to offer numerous different interpretations of quality resulting in a wine selection unique for its elegance and contemporary approach.

The Tsantali Vineyards
The Tsantali privately owned vineyards (250 ha) are carefully tended under the guidance of Tsantali`s vineyardists. Additionally, the Tsantali family is closely linked with local vine growers that have been vigorously selected for the quality of their wines. The company`s desire is to produce wines echoing the uniqueness of the terroir in which they are grown.

The vineyards of Rapsani cover the surrounding hills and count for 100 hectares. They have an eastern-southeastern orientation. Most of the vineyards are located at an altitude of 250 up to 800 metres. This leads to a longer harvest period that begins end of September and lasts for nearly a month.
Three indigenous grape varieties are grown here; Krassato, Stavroto and the Xinomavro which is the prevailing grape variety in Northern Greece. It’s name means sour (xino) and black (mavro) because it gives wines with an austere structure and dark colour. The wine of Xinomavro has a particularly great ageing potential. The climate is continental and the vineyards are positively influenced by the breeze coming from the sea.

The Tsantali Wineries
Tsantali has set up three wineries in Northern Greece located at: Agios Pavlos in Halkidiki, Naousa in Makedonia and Rapsani in Thessalia, on the foothills of Mount Olympos. 
The Tsantali wineries are equipped with state of the art technology and produce wines that reflect not only the growers` devotion to the land and commitment to quality but also the unique personality of each region`s soil, climate and fruit. 
Barrel ageing is an essential factor for certain wines to achieve world-class character. Tsantali uses oak barrels made from French Allier that are considered ideal for the aging of fine, premium wines.


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