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Alpha (= α) is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. The choice of this name came from the initial letter of Amyndeon, the geographical location of the estate’s vineyards and additionally declares a quality term in the greek argo. ALPHA ESTATE represents the “new beginning”, the “birth” of a new era in the world of Greek wine. Makis Mavridis, the grape grower, and Angelos Iatridis, the winemaker, planted a 33 ha vineyard in Amyndeon region in the late 1990’s.


The creation of an estate vineyard was an enormous and pioneering investment at the time, which signaled the birth of pilot-structured viniculture exploitation. Our on-going mission is to make wines that bring out the true characteristics of the region they originate from, wines that reveal the characteristics of the soil, the climate and the typicity of the grape varieties they are made from. Vineyard’s “TERROIR” is at the heart of the ALPHA ESTATE. …

Winemaking philosophy

The company devotes a tremendous effort in improving the quality of its wines, through carefully planed investments and research programs, in collaboration with the private research institute called AMPELOOENIKI, which covers all aspects of vine-growing and wine production. The success of these programs allows the company to evaluate permanently the quality and the character of its wine from one “vintage” to the next.

The vineyard (Soil-climate-culture-plant)

ALPHA ESTATE is situated in the “AMPELIA” location (meaning vines), in the heart of the Amyndeon region, an area of VQPRD wines in the northern part of Greece. Two factors contribute to the special character of ALPHA ESTATE grapes: mesoclimate and soil. Moderate temperatures and heavy winter rains create ideal conditions for the grapes to ripen. Poor soils with good drainage create a mild water deficit the vines, resulting in small berries with intense red colour and concentrated flavours and aromas.

The vineyard of the estate is situated on a plateau at an altitude of 620-710 m with a northwest exposure, covering a total area of 33 ha. The local climate is characterized by cold winters with sufficient rainfall and snow, which provide the vines with the necessary water supplies to endure the relatively dry summer. Additionally, two neighboring lakes contribute to the existence of a mild semi-continental climate, favoring the cultivation of foreign and indigenous, red and white grape varieties.
The sandy-clay texture of the soil, assuring an ideal drainage of the rain water, the favorable climatic conditions during maturation and harvest periods and finally the appropriate viticulture practices contribute to a complete fruit ripening thus offering the possibility of producing wines of exquisite quality and rich aromas.

The density of plantation is 3900 vines/ha and the yields do not exceed 4000 kg of grapes per hectare (25hl/ha).
In order to avoid extreme water deficits during summer, “root zone drying irrigation” is applied to assure the optimum conditions for the maturation of grapes.

ALPHA Estate’s vineyard consists of the following varieties:
·Sauvignon blanc 1.1 ha
·Gewurztraminer 0.5 ha
·Pinot Noir 0.8 ha
·Negro Amaro 2.1 ha
·Montepulciano 2.0 ha
·Tannat 2.0 ha
·Barbera 1.3 ha
·Mavrodaphne 2.0 ha
·Merlot 6.8 ha
·Syrah 9.9 ha
·Xinomavro (ungrafted) 4.5 ha

As the vines became old enough (green harvest procedure was applied on the third and forth year of each parcelle-variety) the grapes from the vineyard were used exclusively for the core blend of a typical vin de garde of VQPRD Amyndeon. Today, a popular blend of Syrah/Merlot with ungrafted Xinomavro is the estate’s red flagship, while a classic barrel fermented Sauvignon blanc and several other wines of limited production complete the estate’s varietal portfolio. The wedding of an ancient local variety with a noble international one arose not only by the demands of modern markets, but also by the spirit of progress that distinguishes Angelos Iatridis’ winemaking.

The hallmark of ALPHA ESTATE is accordingly a cutting-edge combination of tradition and innovation.
The estate is a member of ‘The Wine Producers Association of Νorthern Greece Vineyard’, which links up wineries with local hotels, restaurants, archaeological sights and other tourist attractions within a EU-funded network of agro tourism. Private tours and tastings are always welcome with prior arrangements. For any additional inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday: 09:00 - 16:00

Closed: Chrisrtmas, New Year`s Eve, Easter



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