Mikrochori Wine Art Estate

The vineyards and winery of the WINE ART Estate are located at Mikrochori, near Drama. The district, enjoying propitious soil and climatic conditions, has a long history of wine-making, history which is now being revived thanks to the personal initiative and passion of the two winemakers, Yiannis Papadopoulos and Yiannis Kalaitzidis.
From these vineyards the estate produces each year no fewer than 60.000 bottles of its label Techni Alipias - the Greek word Techni meaning art or skill and the word Alipia from ancient Greek meaning absence of sorrow.
The name was inspired by ancient texts which tells us that `... Dionysos, the son of Zeus and Semele, bestowed on making the gift of wine so that men might forget their sorrows`. The estate`s new wine, the white Chardonnay Idisma Drios or Seasoning of the Oak, will be named after its oak barrels maturation.The building which houses the wine-making facilities combines traditional aesthetics with the most up-to-date equipment, an impressive cellar where the wines are laid to mature and an elegant tasting room. The winery is designed by the owners themselves, both of them qualified engineers.
The estate, with its reception and sales areas, is member of the `Wine Roads Of Macedonia` and welcomes visits from oinophiles.


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