Vaeni Naoussa

One of Greece`s most advanced wineries is the `VAENI NAOUSSA Wine Producers Cooperative`.

It represents nearly 50% of the wine production in the Naoussa region, which is renowned for its fine red wines. 

A full appreciation for quality and the expertise and dedication of its member wine producers, coupled with the most advanced technology guarantee excellence in every bottle of the `VAENI - NAOUSSA` which is produced exclusively by the special Nothern Greek `Xinomavro` variety. The winery is staffed by skilled experts and is operated according to European standards. It is located within the boundaries of the viticultural region of Naoussa, a fact which insures quality right from the start. Know-how and attention to detail mark the consistently outstanding vintages of the `VAENI - NAOUSSA`. 

The wines produced and bottled by the `VAENI - NAOUSSA` are exported to France, Sweden, Netherlands, United States, Germany, Austria, Japan, Canada, Cyprus, Belgium, Denmark, Gana and Spain.The distinctive taste and superior quality are recognized with the first glass.


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