P.D.O. Naoussa

The Naoussa Appellation of Origin was recognised in 1971 and concerns red wines made of Xinomavro variety grapes, which are grown in the communities of Trilofos-Fyteia, Stenimachos, Kopanos, Lefkadia, Marina-Polla Nera, Giannakohori and the municipality of Naoussa in the prefecture of Imathia, in an area of about 700 hectares.

The Naoussa wine-growing area is known for its cold north winds in the winter and frequent rainfall throughout the year, except for the summer months, during which droughts often occur.

The soil in the mountainous parts of the area (Giannakohori, Fyteia) is sandy-clay loam and in the flat parts sandy clay. This type of soil makes well-structured red wine, rich in body. The vineyards are located on the sunny south-east slopes of Mount Vermion, safe from the north winds, at an altitude of 150 to 350 metres. In this type of ecosystem, the Xinomavro variety finds the necessary amount of water for its growth and sun in order to ripen.

The red V.Q.P.R.D. Naoussa are mainly dry, but can also be semi-dry and semi-sweet. The dry red V.Q.P.R.D Naoussa are left to mature for at least a year in oak barrels; they are ruby-coloured, have a complex bouquet of red fruit and spices and a rich and smooth taste.


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