Also known as: Amorgiano, Mandilari, Kountoura Mavri, Doubrena Mavri, Pargiano.

A vine variety native to the Aegean that is one of the richest in colour. It was initially grown in the Cyclades, on Rhodes and Crete and then spread to the Peloponnese, Attica, Evia, Thessaly and Macedonia. It is now cultivated on a total expanse exceeding 1.500 hectares. It ripens late, in late September to early October, yielding intense-coloured wines with low alcoholic strength, medium acidity and richness in tannins.

The dry red VQPRD `Rhodes` is produced exclusively from the Mandilaria. This variety is blended with the Kotsifali variety to produce the dry red V.Q.P.R.D. ` Peza` and `Acharnes`, and with the Monemvassia variety to make the dry red V.Q.P.R.D `Paros`. It is also used in making certain Vins de Pays (Dodekanissiakos [of Dodecanese], Irakleiotikos [of Herakleion], Thrapsanon, etc.).

[Text and photos taken from the book 'Wine-producing varieties of the Greek vineyard' by Haroula Spinthiropoulou - Olive Press Publications, 2000 (in Greek)]

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