Cabernet franc

A red variety of south-west France, first cultivated in Greece in the region of Sithonia. Today it is also cultivated in a number of regions in the Peloponnese, Attica, Viotia, Epirus and Macedonia, but to a small extent. It ripens in late August.

When properly ripened, the grapes of this variety yield a well-balanced wine in terms of alcoholic content and acidity and good aromatic potential that evolves with ageing. It has a paler colour than the Cabernet Sauvignon and fewer tannins, which make briefer ageing periods and earlier consumption possible.

The Cabernet franc is blended with the Limnio and Cabernet Sauvignon to produce the dry red V.Q.P.R.D. `Cotes de Meliton`, and is also used in making certain Vins de Pays (Agioreitikos [of Mount Athos], Makedonikos [of Macedonia], Messiniakos [of Messinia]).

[Text and photos taken from the book 'Wine-producing varieties of the Greek vineyard' by Haroula Spinthiropoulou - Olive Press Publications, 2000 (in Greek)]

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