Wine roads of Northern Greece - Wine routes

Travel through some of the most renowned Greek vineyards. Stop at celebrated wineries to sample your favourite wines right where they are produced. Meet the people who make them.

Seek out the traditional products of each region’s unique cuisine. You will be happily surprised to find tastes and aromas beautifully attuned to the locale.

Enjoy the natural beauty along the Wine Roads of Northern Greece and explore the history that infuses the entire region, from archaeological sites, churches, monasteries, museums and more to the wineries themselves, which are open to visitors. Discover restaurants, tavernas, hotels, inns, local gourmet workshops and stores stocked with regional culinary specialties.

A trip along the Wine Roads is chock full of great experiences, but it’s also flexible. Design your own itinerary and pace. Savor culture, history and culinary delights anywhere and everywhere along the way.

The Wine Roads are really a series of suggested, select routes for the avid and curious traveler interested in visiting some of the most picturesque and fascinating venues in Europe.

There are wine roads in almost all wine-producing countries. In Greece, the first organized wine roads were outlined in 1997 by the Wine Producers Association of the Northern Greece Vineyard and given the official name “Wine Roads of Northern Greece.”

Today, there are 29 members in the Association and 8 routes that cross the whole of Northern Greece, with suggested stops at 32 notable wineries of Thessaly (Rapsani and Krania), Epirus, Macedonia and Thrace. Signage along the roads directs travelers to vineyards, wineries and other points of interest.

The many restaurants, tavernas, inns, hotels, traditional shops and outdoor activities round out the traveler’s experience along the 8 Wine Routes. Each designated venue has been selected based on specific qualitative criteria and is so indicated with a special seal of approval.

Wine Roads
of Northern Greece

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