VorOina: Wine tasting Event, Saturday, 23/09/2017 , 18:00 - 22:00 - 23/09/2017

VorOina, the wine tasting event of Wines of North Greece

The winemakers and members of the wine producers association “Wines of North Greece” have the pleasure to welcome Greek and foreign wine lovers in a warm and exciting wine tasting evemt, featuring the impressive selection of indigenous and international grape varieties cultivated at the famous vineyards of the area.

White wines, rosés and reds, fresh and older vintages, varietals or blends, dry, sparkling and sweet, as well as wine spirits, will be presented at the event, from internationally recognized to niche boutique producers, presenting their newest and finest selections.


The event will takes place at the port of Thessaloniki (dock 1)

Saturday, 23/09/2017 , 18:00 - 22:00

Entrance fee: 5€ (inclunding 1 tasting glass)

This is an excellent opportunity for professionals and the general public-wine lovers to taste the current vintage releases of the “Wines of North Greece”.

VorOina = Wines of North Greece
Vor from Voras (=Βοράς = North)
Oina from Oinos (=Οίνος = Wine)

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