Looking forward to welcome you in our wineries, on Sunday 9th, November 2014 -

On Sunday November 9th, 2014, we are looking forward to welcome you in our wineries, during the European Day of Wine Tourism.

Please take a look on our map and choose your own itinerary and destination between our wineries all over Northern Greece Vineyard!

Wine Roads of Northern Greece           
Wine Route of the olympian gods           
1    Domaine Katsaros   
      Krania, Mount Olympus       
      PGI Krania
Wine Route of Epirus           
2    Domaine Glinavos   
      Zitsa, Ioannina   
      PDO Zitsa   
      PGI Epirus, PGI Ioannina
3    Katogi Averoff   
      Metsovo, Ioannina       
      PGI Macedonia, PGI Ioannina, PGI Metsovo
Wine Route of the lakes           
4    Voyatzi Estate   
      Velvento, Polyfytos Lake, Kozani       
      PGI Velvento
5    Dio Fili Estate   
      Siatista, Kozani       
      PGI Siatista
6    Stergiou Estate   
      Metamorfosi, Kastoria       
      PGI Kastoria
7    Alpha Estate   
      2nd km Amynteon - Agios Panteleimonas, Florina   
      PDO Amynteo   
      PGI Florina
Wine Route of Naoussa           
8    Kir-Yianni - Naoussa Winery   
      Giannakohori, Imathia   
      PDO Naoussa   
      PGI Macedonia, PGI Imathia
9    Domaine Foundi   
      Nea Stranga, Imathia   
      PDO Naoussa   
      PGI Macedonia, PGI Imathia

Wine Route of Pella-Goumenissa           
10 Chatzivariti Estate   
     6th km Goumenissa - Giannitsa, Kilkis   
     PDO Goumenissa   
     PGI Slopes of Paiko
11 Domaine Tatsis   
     Goumenissa, Kilkis   
     PDO Goumenissa   
     PGI Macedonia

Wine Route of Thessaloniki           
12 Stelios Kechris Domaine   
     Kalohori, Thessaloniki       
     PGI Macedonia
13 Domaine Anestis Babatzimopoulos   
     Ossa, Lagada, Thessaloniki       
     PGI Macedonia, PGI Slopes of Vertiskos
14 Domaine Gerovassiliou   
     Epanomi, Thessaloniki       
     PGI Epanomi
Wine Route of Halkidiki           
15  Domaine Porto Carras   
      Porto Carras, Sithonia, Halkiidki   
      PDO Slopes of Meliton   
      PGI Sithonia, PGI Halkidiki

Wine Route of Dionysus           
16  Biblia Chora Estate   
      Kokkinohori, Kavala       
      PGI Pangeo
17 Domaine Vourvoukeli   
      Avdira, Xanthi       
      PGI Avdira

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Wine Roads
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