#VorOina … is a unique wine journey! -

The 29 winemakers and members of the wine producers association “Wines of North Greece” have the pleasure to invite you in a warm and exciting wine tasting journey.
The event will takes place at Dock 1, of the Port of Thessaloniki, on Saturday 20th, 2013, between 18:00-23:00 hrs.

This is an excellent opportunity for professionals and the general public-wine lovers to taste the current vintage releases of the “Wines of North Greece”, between hundreds of wines from all over Northern Greece vineyards, which will be available to be explored…
Special stands

- Introduction and tasting of wine selections from Northern Greece
- Wine tourism network `Wine Roads of Northern Greece`.
- Local traditional product’s tasting

Entrance fee:   5 euros per person (including 1 wine tasting glass).

VorOina = a tasting of wines from the vineyards of Northern Greece
Vor-Oina=ΒορΟινά, from Βορράς, Vorras=north, and Οινά=Oina (ina) from the word οίνος=oinos=wine!

Wine Roads
of Northern Greece

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