An especially well-tended space and warm atmosphere that put you in the mood for the good meal that is sure to follow. The menu includes à la minute dishes on the grill as well as a variety of casseroles and other local specialties, including clay-baked chicken or goat, pork, celery and mushrooms, also clay-baked, Greek meatballs with flat noodles, lots of meze, Macedonian savory pies and some seafood dishes, most notably during Fasting periods. The cellar, which is open to visitors, houses more than 200 wines, mainly Greek.


  • Xino Nero, Florina
  • +30 23860 81551-2
  • +30 23860 81556
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Wine Roads
of Northern Greece

  • 90 Giannitson str, Τ.Κ. 54627 Thessaloniki
  • tel: +30.2310 281617 & +30.2310 281632
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