Hotel Kouria

Situated in a magical scenery, perched on Mount Kissavos, in the Historical Community of Ampelakia, you will discover Hotel Curia. Its individual architecture in line with the history of the place, as well as its state-of-the-art comforts immediately impress its guests. Ampelakia gained a significant reputation in the history of the place during the hard period of the Turkish occupation of Greece thanks to the foundation of the first trade coop in the world which exported spun yarn dyed with the use of a local plant called rizari to all European countries. The visitor easily senses the atmosphere of the former well-off society, walking through the village with its architectural masterpieces of a past era. A visit to the museum and a tour in the well preserved old buildings, where people with a common culture and vision lived and worked, takes the traveler back in time through the frescos and gives him the pleasure to take a glimpse of an epoch when the local lords enjoyed the profits of the financial prosperity brought about by the impeccable business management of the `Common Company` [the name of the Trade Coop]. Hotel Kouria, at the entrance to the community, makes no mimic of that glorious era of the past but follows suit in line with the efficacy of space in the village with the accent on the guests` comfort and friendliness. A walk through the hotel`s premises is a pleasant surprise, with the panoramic view never leaving you even at the halls thanks to the extensive glass-paned walls joining the different buildings. Building stone and wood prevail in the whole building making its ambience warm and homey. One of the best attractions and maybe the guests` most favourite place is the restaurant on the top floor of the main building. Even the most educated travelers rave about the chef`s specialities, inspired from the traditional Greek as well as Mediterranean cuisine but prepared in a modern fashion and with only the freshest ingredients. The guests are welcomed to choose the wine they want from our cellar where it is kept in the proper conditions of temperature and humidity. All the rooms have a spectacular view, which captures the eye and offers moments of tranquility and relaxation away from the stress of the city, without however depriving the busy professional guest of the facilities he would need: free access to the Internet is offered so that you can work in our premises. Great attention has been paid to the rooms decoration so that they combine minimalistic lines with the traditional elements, which results in a warm and friendly ambience in harmony with the aesthetics of the hotel. Our well trained staff will make you feel warmly welcomed, always willing to meet your needs and will do their best to make your stay ... like in a fairy tale.


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