A multi-dimensional wine theme park at Katogi Averoff Winery -

The premises of the Katogi Averoff Winery at Metsovo, which can be visited by the public, have taken on a new and ground-breaking form.

A model wine tourism unit in Greece – the Katogi Averoff winery-hotel – is now a multi-dimensional wine theme park, which the visitor will find totally absorbing.

By the use of various audio-visual media and the appropriate modifications in the cellars and production areas of the winery, a guided tour takes place within the framework of a variety of artistic interventions. It provides knowledge and gives rise to emotions in visitors, but, in parallel, allows scope to roam freely in the parts of the winery open to the public and for the visitor to experience in his/her own individual way the journey through the wonderful world of wine.

The following were responsible for the visual route through the premises of the winery open to visitors:

- Scenario and design, spatial and projections organisation: Mary Koumantaropoulou
- Implementation of the audio-visual project: Nounou Alexopoulou – Alexandros Fasois
- Photographs – creative processing of photography material: Maria Stefosi
- Audio environment: Alef

The winery is open every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and at weekends by appointment.

The photography material attached has been supplied by the architectural practice of Sonia Haralambidou-Divani and Associates.

For appointments and information on the winery:
Eleni Bisa
Tel. No. 2656042505

For further information and photographs:
Betty Karatza
Tel. No. 2106778244
Fax 2106715543
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